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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes special? has several features that take it above and beyond the average job board: Resumes are aggregated not just from direct visitors, but also from around the internet. Jobs posted on are cross posted automatically to some of the internet's most popular job search engines. The cost of posting on is a fraction of similar competitors. Jobs posted on get on average over 1000 unique visits - much higher than the industry average.

How does's job aggregation work?

It's simple! Post your job on and we automatically notify partner sites with very high candidate traffic about the position. They automatically post a copy of the job on their website with a link back to the original job posting. The result of this is you get 10x the traffic you would normally get from just posting on one job board. All for a fraction of the cost.

How about your resume database?

The resume is so large because it receives resumes from several sources:

  • Postings get a large amount of direct applies;
  • Resumes are sent in via our partners;
  • We aggregate resumes from hundreds of thousands of sources from the internet.

This winds up meaning we add large amounts of resumes daily. We have millions of candidates in our database.

Does share resumes with paid job boards like Monster, Careerbuilder or Hotjobs?

No. Our candidates are better than the ones found on paid job boards. Research shows that less than 30% of potential candidates use paid job boards. Our candidate-resumes give you access to many of the other 70+%. gives you access to people Monster, Careerbuilder, DICE and other job boards can't.

Why is so much more affordable than other job boards?

Our highly automated operations, partner network and proprietary technology minimizes our cost. We pass these savings on to you. We also do not buy Super Bowl advertisements and pass those costs on to our customers.

How else does Easy Search make my life easier?

Our Easy Search interface enables you to quickly find the candidate you need. Drop-down menus let you search quickly by geographic area and occupation. Our keyword searchable database lets you search as narrowly or widely as you want. Easy Search helps you find your exact candidate by showing the first 1000 results for any search. (50 view pages of 20 resumes each). If you get more than 1,000 results, you may want to narrow your search down using more keywords to find even more relevant results.

How do I start posting jobs?

By clicking here.