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Engineering Manager - Cloud Services

for Panopto in Seattle, WA USA


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About the role


As Panopto's Engineering Manager for Cloud Services, you will have a unique role within Panopto that is strategically critical to the success of our business. Reporting directly to Panopto?s VP of Engineering, you will build and operate the innovative cloud services platform that enables Panopto to efficiently scale to a large global audience. You will be responsible for our highly available cloud-based system, deployed to four continents, serving over three million users, ingesting hundreds of thousands of hours of video per week, and growing fast. Your team?s work will have visibility at the highest levels of executive leadership, and touchpoints throughout the company.  This is a rare opportunity to take huge ownership and responsibility at a fast-growing SaaS company that doesn?t come along very often and is a challenging role that few are ready to take on.


We believe a virtuous cycle forms when users get value by watching video, discover other videos with valuable information, create their own videos, and see those videos providing value for other users. This self-reinforcing feedback loop is what helps grow our business, but it requires users to have an excellent experience throughout the journey; one that makes them want to come back and engage more.


Your team's goal will be to ensure a highly performant user experience throughout Panopto?s ?virtuous cycle,? while keeping Cloud expenses under control, and ensuring Panopto developers can rapidly innovate: developing and deploying key product improvements with ease.  This critical work will all happen in the face of continuous exponential growth in customer usage, a big challenge!

  • Your team will define, measure, and deliver a high performance experience for Panopto?s end users, in terms of perceived end-user performance and in terms of cloud up-time.

  • You?ll manage systems like on-call/pager and provide real-time dashboards to ensure cloud-impacting issues are dealt with swiftly, and that the entire organization has excellent transparency into cloud operations.

  • You'll operate and extend the job processing system (and corresponding metrics and autoscaling) to ensure video content is processed for our customers as quickly as possible, with an infinitesimal failure rate, in a cost-efficient manner.

  • You?ll adopt standardized frameworks for logging and collection of real-time metrics, ensuring that issues in the cloud systems are easy to diagnose.

  • You?ll measure, study, and forecast changes in usage over time, building a detailed model that allows accurate budget forecasting.  You?ll be responsible for a huge portion of Panopto?s operating budget, with visibility at the highest levels: all executives and our board of directors.

  • Your team will ensure it?s fast and efficient for all Panopto developers to build and deploy new features and product improvements.

  • You?ll interface closely with your peers to ensure Panopto feels like one seamless product to our customers.


You and your team?s primary focus will be technical: architecture, technical design, and coding.  In partnership with PM and design, you will also be deeply involved in the process of determining what to build and how it should function.  Your team?s work will light up new functionality and improve usability for millions of students, instructors, and knowledge workers.


In order to be a successful engineering leader in this role, you will:

  • Continually grow the capabilities of your team of senior engineers. Provide continuous mentorship and feedback for your team.  Ensure everyone on your team has big challenges that will let them step up and grow. Drive the hiring process for your team, from drafting role descriptions, to interviewing, making hiring decisions, and selling candidates that receive offers.

  • Develop a broad understanding of customer use cases, business objectives, system architecture, and dependencies across both technical and non-technical teams within Panopto.

  • Become a deep expert in the technical details within your area.  You?ll own everything from architectural design, down to the nuts-and-bolts of the code, to dev-test automation, cloud deployment, and metrics.  Your team?s code ownership will be truly full-stack, including web client UX, mobile app client, web services, and portions of the server?s data-layer.

  • Hold your team to a high quality bar in terms of technical design, code review, and retrospective analysis; you?ll lead by example in the code, technical designs, and feedback that you personally contribute.

  • Work collaboratively with your product management counterparts and stakeholders outside the engineering team to collect and analyze product feedback.

  • Drive your team?s vision and long term plans.  Utilize your knowledge of technical details, paired with creativity and an understanding of business opportunity / customer use-cases to focus your team on the most impactful work.

  • Deliver critical and innovative new functionality, on schedule, and with high quality.  Solve hard technical problems, often forging truly new ground and building expertise in new areas, on-demand.  Challenge yourself and your team to accomplish more than you thought was possible.

  • Proactively collaborate and communicate across team boundaries, both within the engineering team and with senior stakeholders around the company.


About your experience


You originally come from a hands-on development (coding) background with your most recent experience as a people manager.  You have a strong track record designing, building, and shipping customer-facing software features, APIs, and UX.

  • Your work is adored by your customers and you derive huge personal satisfaction in making their lives simpler and improving their productivity.

  • You manage a team of high-performing individual developers, who have grown as a result of your feedback and guidance, and who respect you as a technical leader.

  • You thrive and take ownership in an environment with ambiguity - asking the right questions to bring order out of chaos and spread that order to your peers.

  • You aren?t afraid to think big when establishing vision, but you know how to develop a plan in steps that deliver incremental value.

  • You are highly motivated to move quickly, but you insist on high standards and delivering great results. You are thoughtfully self-critical of your work and your team?s work, always looking for ways to improve.

  • You can clearly and concisely communicate complex, nuanced ideas to a variety of audiences: engineers, non-technical employees, customers, and partners.


About your qualifications


  • You have managed teams of 5+ software developers, working on customer-facing product code. You're experienced driving employee growth through feedback. You've grown your teams through hiring and have hands-on knowledge of what makes hires successful.

  • Before moving into engineering management, your background was as a senior software developer.  You've spent 10+ years building, shipping, and maintaining complex architectures of components that communicate asynchronously and with fault tolerance.

  • You have built complex server-side tech and have a strong knowledge of client-server API protocols, high performance APIs, caching, and data storage best practices.

  • You have a deep understanding of asynchronous, client-server architecture, service scalability, fault tolerance, error handling, and log-based diagnostics.

  • You have a strong working knowledge of data structures, algorithms, and coding patterns for high performance software.

  • You have experience managing large and complex workloads in the AWS or Azure clouds, with a solid understanding of ?Cloud Primitives? for architectural design at scale.

  • You have experience managing a substantial budget and carefully allocating spend to maximize value to the business.

  • You have a 4-year degree in computer science and a decade of industry experience.

  • Bonus points for experience working with streaming video, cloud authentication systems,  audio/video capture and editing software, or client-side web tech (React/Typescript/etc.).


We expect a lot and so should you

  • Opportunity to learn and stretch your capabilities

  • Market-competitive total compensation

  • Employee stock options

  • Employer-paid health benefits

  • Paid time-off and holidays

  • An award-winning work environment with free snacks, games, and great co-workers.

Panopto is an equal opportunity employer. Proudly recognized as a great place to work by Fortune, Seattle Business, Pittsburgh Business Times and Great Place to Work Institute. Learn more about us at

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    Zip Code: 98104

    Posted on: 12/02/2019

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