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Fun People Wanted For Non-Commissioned Retail Sales

for Frank Myers Auto Maxx in Winston Salem, NC USA

Our Non-Commissioned Automotive Solutions Providers are actually more like tour guides or customer service ninjas than car salespeople. They assist customers with the investigation, presentation and demonstration of our automobiles (4.5 acres of used cars from A-V in almost every price range).

We work in a virtually fail proof selling system and will team you up with a mentor (on a team with other salespeople, much like you and a team leader) to help you every step of the way (train, motivate, encourage, support, help).


Duh, we have Paid Training. Opportunities to advance. Recognition programs. Paid Tenure Bonuses.

Champions in our organization can rise to the top and will be promoted into leadership positions where there is no income ceiling (this changed my life). We run a very fast paced, high energy, fun environment.


Those with no experience in the auto industry. We are unlike any dealership in the world. In a perfect world, we have the best results from: Restaurant Servers or Managers, Retail experience, Hospitality experience, Call Center experience, Phone | Mattress | Shoes | Social Work, etc. We don't require any specific amount of education, but sometimes education could help you fast track certain into a leadership position. We also love and support our military and encourage ex-military to apply.

Those who worked for another dealership but always thought to themselves there has to be a better way to do this!


We can teach skills and knowledge. We cannot teach talent, energy, positive attitude, character and drive (we can help bring this out of you if you have it inside). We will provide you with 100% of the tools, support and training it takes to be successful. You will need to supply the "get up and go" the positive attitude and the work ethic.

Must be willing to work a 5 day work (which includes Saturdays!)

The FIVE biggest hurdles we struggle to overcome in our dealership (People who Can't or Won't Make it)

  1. Laziness
  2. Addictions (drugs, alcohol, Facebook, YouTube)
  3. Lack of Support at Home
  4. People with "Victim Mentalities" who blame everyone else for their problems (we can help with this, but you have to be willing to participate).
  5. "I / Me" people who think the world revolves around them. 

We hire "We / Us" people who like being a part of something bigger than themselves.

Sometimes, if you are helping a customer, you make it home late for dinner. This SUCKS, but is part of our business - we are Retail - thus we work some nights and weekends. We work 5 days a week and right around 42 to 48 hours. Saturday is GAME DAY (it would be like if you were a college football player) and is required. We are CLOSED EVERY SUNDAY without exception for Family and Worship. You also have either a Tuesday or Wednesday off during the week. The schedule allows you plenty of time for kids of all ages, golf, exercise, yard work, errands, volunteer work, etc.


With Performance Bonuses, the AVERAGE income for these positions last year was $42,784. Our TOP PERFORMERS can earn double that annually. The TOP PERFORMERS who excel, every penny and we are excited for them. They are the TOP 10%ers!

Our Struggling Performers earn around $30,000 annually.


Champions in our organization can rise to the top and will be promoted into leadership positions where there is no income ceiling. We don't want to hire from outside for leadership position.

IF you fit our criteria (we aren't kidding; this is a career and NOT a job) then carry on!

Currently accepting resumes, applications, tours, and interviews

To Apply Please submit a cover Letter or information that includes:

  1. Why you are interested in this position.
  2. A little bit about yourself and what makes you a fit for our organization.
  3. Any additional skills/motivation you have that will impact our workplace.
  4. Current accurate Resume.
  5. OPTIONAL - A short video (2 minutes or less) describing YOU and why you think YOU are the perfect fit for our Team. <--- THIS is optional BUT it gets you moved to the front of the line. 

Send your resume and video to:


Apply in person at:

Frank Myers Auto Maxx
4200 N. Patterson Avenue 
Winston-Salem, NC 27105


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