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IT support junior technician

for Richmond Tech and Telecom in Philadelphia, PA USA

Small IT consulting firm located in lower Northeast Philadelphia is seeking a experienced computer technician to perform support related tasks on Windows and Apple based computer systems. This position includes providing onsite support at client sites as well as performing services remotely.
A majority of service requests will be for short engagements: reporting to a client site and completing the service request. This position is ideal for those with a flexible schedule. There are no set hours per week. Work will be assigned as it becomes available. Some assignments will be for larger scale projects (deploying new systems, migrations, etc) with flexible scheduling in certain cases.
Work will be dispatched by telephone or email with access to an online helpdesk for viewing outstanding service requests and closing tickets. You will be assigned work based on your availability and ability. Some jobs may require immediate attention, others can be scheduled according to your schedule.
Most work will be based in Center City Philadelphia, with some work in Bucks or Montgomery County.
Additional work can be available in being available to answer telephone calls from clients. The technician will be provided a virtual phone extension to field such calls.
The position requires mastery of the following technologies: Microsoft Windows XP thru 10, Microsoft Windows Server family, Active Directory, Comcast & Verizon SoHo modems/routers/FIOS, understanding of DHCP, DNS in a Windows environment, basic PC/laptop hardware diagnostics & repair. Network troubleshooting. Familiarity with firewalls. Microsoft Office and general knowledge of SQL based databases. Ability to troubleshoot computer and printer hardware issues. Apple skills are not required but are a plus. Familiarity/ability to migrate systems, including Windows servers is a plus.
The candidate must have the ability to identify and remove malware from a system. Mastery of iPhones, iPads and Android based smartphones. You must have a proven track record of being able to work independently, identify problems, and efficiently resolve them in a timely manner. Above all, you must be customer friendly and have a pleasant demeanor when working with customers, even in difficult situations. Customer service is as important as technical skill!
Interested candidates should submit a resume with references. Qualified candidates will be contacted by email for an initial interview. The rate for this position is $25/hr. and does not cover travel time. Other expenses will be handled on a case-by-case basis (i.e. parking fees, tolls, etc).
Subcontractor will be required to submit a timesheet for work performed on a weekly basis and an invoice at the end of each month. The timesheet will be provided in MS-Excel format.

Job Info

  • Job Category:

    Type: Contract

    Location: Philadelphia, PA USA

    Zip Code: 19134

    Company Name: Richmond Tech and Telecom

    Company Type: Employer

    Salary: $10,000 - $20,000

    Posted on: 02/05/2020

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