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Hey I?m Ari Bixhorn ? I run marketing for a B2B (and soon-to-be B2C) SaaS company called Panopto. I?m looking for someone to join my team who is both wicked-creative and data-driven to help accelerate the growth of our business. If you check the following boxes, then this may be a great next gig for you:

? You enjoy working across multiple marketing disciplines

? You solve problems by thinking outside the box

? You like experimenting and iterating based on analytics

? You?re ready to take ownership for the growth of a new product line

? People you know and love might describe you as a bit obsessive


The scoop on Panopto

At Panopto (Pan-ahp?-toh), we believe that video can dramatically improve the way people learn and communicate. We also believe that video should be much easier to work with than it is today. So we build a video platform that includes: 

  • A ?corporate YouTube? that makes it easy for businesses and universities to securely store and share all of their video content

  • A unique video search engine that allows people to find and fast-forward to any word spoken in any video 

  • Recording and live streaming apps that enable anyone to create professional-looking video presentations like this in minutes

  • Other video geekery that we can discuss during the interview


Our headquarters is in Seattle?s historic Smith Tower. We also have offices in Pittsburgh, London, Hong Kong, and Sydney. Here are a few pics of our Seattle office where this job is based: our neighborhood, the awesome Smith Tower elevators, the pool table, Howie (our VP of Engineering?s dog), and Steve and Tania (employees actually enjoying each others? company).


Our work environment combines the best qualities of agile startups and more stable, larger businesses. We make decisions quickly, experiment constantly, and communicate transparently. We don?t have the internal politics or unnatural barriers between teams often found at big software companies. And yet we have great benefits including comprehensive medical, vision, dental, and life insurance, a 401k retirement plan with employer matching, commuter assistance, community involvement, and more. We also have a great time-off policy, including 3 weeks of paid vacation when you start plus all major holidays (including the last week of December), 2 floating holidays, and a week of sick leave. For two years running, we?ve been recognized by Fortune Magazine and Great Place to Work Institute as one of the nation?s top small workplaces. 


The scoop on this job

?Growth hacker? has admittedly become a buzzword in recent years, but that?s really what the job is about. I?m looking for you to come up with creative ways to accelerate the growth of our business. Specifically, we?re about to transition from a pure B2B business model to one in which almost anyone in the world can sign up and immediately start using our video platform. As part of this, we?ll need to appeal to and engage with a broader audience than we?ve ever targeted before with our traditional B2B marketing mix. The potential to expand our brand awareness and customer base is huge, but with limited time and budget, we?ll have to be creative and deliberate about how we attempt to maximize growth.

In this role, you?ll work with the marketing, engineering, and sales teams to build a collection of growth strategies that you?ll then implement, test, and either evolve or discard based on their effectiveness. This is a particularly exciting role because of the latitude you?ll have to be creative in testing different out-of-box strategies, both big and small. Here are a few examples:

  1. Website experiments: is our #1 source for qualified sales opportunities with corporations and universities. You?ll run experiments to make our website design, language, information architecture, and calls to action appeal to a much broader audience.

  2. New video capture app: We?ll soon be launching an app that sets a new bar for web-based screen and video recording productivity. Part of your job will be figuring out how to drive awareness of the app. For example, imagine a world in which our app becomes one of the most popular ways to create videos not just for Panopto, but for any website. How can we drive that level of awareness in the most efficient way?

  3. Product evolution: One of the most critical ways to hack growth is within our forthcoming B2C product. We?re basically building a startup within our existing business, and we need a growth owners. So you?ll work with our product managers and engineers to review our current UX and look for opportunities to build virality into that experience. 

  4. Competitive hacking: Part of your growth hacking will target our competitors. Given that most of these companies are substantially larger than Panopto and many of them have higher brand awareness, how can we redirect their spotlight onto us in a scalable and repeatable way? 

3 reasons you want this job

  1. Sexy technology. Video is revolutionizing the workplace and how people learn. If you?re passionate about tech that every business and university will be using in the next five years, you?ll love Panopto.

  2. Access to the full marketing mix. This job isn?t about specializing in growth hacking SEO, SEM, email campaigns, or trade shows. It?s about looking across the entire marketing mix to identify the best tactics for maximizing our top-line growth.

  3. A great team. I?ve been at Panopto for more than seven years. I can honestly say that it?s the best place I?ve ever worked?everyone is smart, driven, collaborative, and down-to-Earth. 


3 things I need from you

  1. Creative ideas for cutting-edge B2C marketing. When you submit your resume, it would be helpful to include any samples of creative work you?ve done - in school, at work, or elsewhere. It could be creative design work, something you?ve done on social media, a marketing campaign, a college project, etc. 

  2. A genuine interest in what we do. The older I get, the more I realize that my professional happiness and my ability to do great work are based on working at a company that I love on technology that I believe in. So take some time to research our company history, our markets, and our technology. And then apply for this role because you genuinely believe in the potential for video to transform the way we learn and communicate.

  3. A fantastic attitude. I?m looking for someone who shares my passion for our product; who is always optimistic in the face of tough business challenges; who?s comfortable with what they do and don?t know; and who knows how to detach from the day-to-day madness of the job and have fun with the team.


Sound like this might be you? If so, then I look forward to chatting.



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    Posted on: 12/02/2019

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