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Medical Assistant

for PEAR Core Solutions, Inc. in Flushing, NY USA

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Our client, ENT Associates of NY (ENT), is seeking Medical Assistants at their Flushing location. This person will have responsibilities such as providing customer service, performing administrative and clinical duties, and ensuring a smooth patient flow from room to room. If you are looking for a fast paced, family-oriented environment, then this position is for you!

What are the Essential Functions of the job?

Patient Visits

  • Provides exemplary customer service to patients throughout the visit
  • Conducts eligibility, authorization, and verification processes efficiently and accurately
  • Escalates difficult or complex problems to Practice Site Manager in resolving escalated complaints or disputes

Active Patient Sessions

  • Assists physicians as needed:
    • Prepares tools and materials needed for patient sessions.
    • Welcomes patients by greeting them, in person or on the telephone; answering or referring inquiries.
    • Verifies patient information by interviewing patient; reviewing and/or recording medical history; confirming purpose of visit or treatment.
    • Educates patients by providing medication and instructions; answering questions.
    • Maintains patient confidence and protects operations by keeping patient care information confidential.
    • Supports patient care delivery by helping health care providers during examinations; preparing laboratory specimens; performing basic laboratory tests on the premises; disposing of contaminated supplies; sterilizing medical instruments; and telephoning prescriptions to pharmacies.
    • Operates medical equipment according to operating instructions.

Patient Scheduling

  • Assists receptionists with outgoing and incoming patient scheduling and confirmation calls.
  • Provides excellent customer service when working with patients to schedule or re-schedule appointments (either over the phone or in person)

Administrative Responsibilities

  • Conducts monthly review of medication expiration dates
  • Assists with the filing and pulling of paper charts
  • Faxes SW testing to Primary Care Physicians
  • Checks SW Lab and Radiology books
  • Serves as a ?call-back? person for physicians as delegated by Practice Site Manager or physician

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Responsibilities

  • Turns on and logs into all exam room/consulting computers prior to session, shuts down all computers at close of business
  • Enters all IFS data prior to doctor seeing patient
  • Ensures Procedure/Authorization Messages are sent to Practice Site Manager
  • Places orders (such as radiology and labs) in system
  • Scans and sends order results to doctors as they come in 
  • Pulls and scans paper charts as needed
  • Scans ?Same Day Content? to ensure most recent information is included in patient records
  • Order follow-up and documentation in Chart Logic system
  • Reconciles EMR patients seen by physician in the system for accurate record keeping

What are the requirements?

  • Minimum Education: High School Diploma or GED
  • Required Certification: RMA or AAMA CMA certification
  • Required Experience:
    • 1 year of experience working as a Medical Assistant in medical practice

Any other qualifications that ENT is looking for?

  • Must be proficient in Microsoft Office and must have experience using at least one Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software application. 

Not the job for you? Know someone that might be a good fit? Please send them the link to this job! Thanks very much!

Who is ENT?

ENT was started in 1969 by Michael Katz, M.D. and Jerome Rosenthal, M.D. in Bayside, Queens, NY.  Since then, they have grown steadily and currently maintain more than 25 offices throughout Queens, Brooklyn, Nassau, Suffolk, and Bronx Counties, as well as Orlando, FL. Although the offices are dispersed, the employees work as teams both within and across offices to create productive and positive working relationships. They also frequently share resources and ideas to ensure the entire company is working towards a common goal of stellar patient service.

Check out their website, but you have to come back here to apply to this job!

Why would I want to work for ENT?

ENT believes that the professional and personal success of their employees directly translates to the success of the business. Many ENT employees have been with the company for 20+ years, and they stay because of relationships built with each other and with patients.

At ENT, your voice has merit and your contributions matter. ENT leadership wants to hear from everyone, including those on the front-line of daily patient and medical office contact. You will experience the satisfaction of a rewarding career with a friendly and family-oriented company.


Job Info

  • Job Category: Other / Miscellaneous

    Location: Flushing, NY USA

    Zip Code: 11355

    Posted on: 01/22/2020

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