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Principal CSR Analyst

for RampRate in Santa Monica, CA USA


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Reporting to: CEO

Location: Remote / Virtual - optional physical office in Santa Monica CA


Job Description:

The Principal CSR Analyst role at Syzygy puts you at the forefront of helping major corporations stand behind their commitments to social responsibility and ensure that every dollar they spend and every partnership they form is informed by the impact of that decision on not only their stakeholders but humanity and nature as a whole.

Syzygy is an offshoot of RampRate - a 20-year old tech-focused sourcing advisory for Fortune 500 companies. The new business, led and advised by the top experts in eco-conscious and socially responsible investment, is focused on tracking and measuring true social impact of buying decisions and ensuring that the discipline of social consciousness is embedded in sourcing.

Working at Syzygy brings the benefit of a flexible schedule with minimal travel and nearly universal telecommuting, as well as a flat organizational structure with significant opportunity for advancement. As part of our team, you will participate in the upside of building the top sourcing advisor for social responsibility with the solid foundation of a company that has already assessed and negotiated billions in IT spend and made 100+ top brands into happy customers.



  • Provide leadership and input in building the long-term business model and offering set

  • Run competitive analysis to help define a build / buy / rent strategy for obtaining the required technical tools and data

  • Work with RampRate analyst team to adapt its IT-focused toolset into a methodology for assessing the social responsibility score of a specific spending decision

  • Develop process & data set for separating impactful actions from greenwashing and failure to foresee adverse side effects

  • Incorporate third party data sources into the model and research additional data sources as the need arises

  • Work with third party data partners to create, evolve, and negotiate relationships and resolve any questions, issues, or data quality problems that may arise

  • Oversee development of technical tools & implementation of real-time data feeds to ensure all information is current

  • Conduct research on the positive impact of socially responsible spending on traditional corporate metrics such as growth & profitability

  • Keep current with the evolution of data-driven evaluation of true social impact

  • Create an ongoing curated feed of reputable, groundbreaking third party articles and research on the subject

  • Contribute to evolution of marketing materials & customer presentations

  • After service launch, take final responsibility for all deliverables related to any assigned client projects, ensuring data accuracy, objectivity, conformance with corporate standards, and fit with client requirements

  • Create documents to support procurement / sourcing efforts, including questionnaires, incorporation of third party validation, and customer-facing assessment

  • Assess and compare supplier offers and services on a ?like for like? basis

  • Provide feedback to suppliers on their performance

  • Calculate social impact of Syzygy services on the client in both abstract (CSR score) and concrete (e.g. tons of carbon)

  • Recruit, train, and oversee junior analysts after an appropriate ramp-up period

  • Accept other responsibilities related to the function if and when required


Required Characteristics:

  • Bachelor?s degree or higher, with preference to related degrees including:

      • Sustainable Development

      • Corporate Social Responsibility

      • Business Administration

      • Big Data / Analytics

      • Environmental or Chemical Engineering

      • Social and Environmental Audit

  • 3+ years of professional experience in a related field with a role focused on tangible enterprise-quality deliverables (e.g. research analyst, sales engineer, technical writer)

  • International exposure ? either working outside the US or with international clients

  • Professional or academic data analysis, writing and research experience

  • Demonstrated proficiency in logical, structured thinking, with work experience focused on tangible quantitative deliverables

  • Direct professional responsibility for creating and presenting quantitative analysis to audiences that are less technical / engaged in the details (e.g. clients or management)

  • Strong public speaking and presentation skills

  • Experience with hiring / managing junior staff or contractors a plus

  • Ability to improvise solutions without a clearly documented path / manual

  • Ability to research unfamiliar subjects and terms, and seek knowledge / expertise

  • Ability to multi-task and work in a demanding area with little need for management supervision or intervention 

  • Ability to communicate orally to both technical and non-technical audiences up to C-level as demonstrated by public speaking appearances, history of high-visibility internal projects, and/or quotes in mainstream publications.

  • Strong work ethic and ability to be productive outside of an office environment 

  • Strong ethical standards, high integrity. 

  • High confidence and the desire for participation in a high impact team. 

  • Consulting experience with time spent in front of clients is strongly desired

  • Eagerness to learn with ability to build tools and methodologies ?on the fly?


Required Skills:

  • Data analysis ? Advanced ? must be comfortable with deriving strong conclusions from sparse data and identifying workarounds for information gaps

  • Fluent spoken & written English, with additional languages preferred

  • Microsoft Word: Advanced ? able to edit documents, create tables & contents, and manage fonts and typefaces, manage Acrobat conversions and fixes

  • Microsoft Excel: Advanced ? able to proactively create models, reports, and analysis tools and presentations using pivot tables, basic descriptive statistics, graphs, lookups, and formulas

  • Microsoft PowerPoint: Advanced ? able to create and edit high quality presentations

  • Coding: Basic ? able to automate high volume routine tasks where appropriate

  • Writing & Language Skills: Advanced ? able to copy edit and proof client deliverables

  • Image Editing: Basic ? should be able to capture screens and touch up/crop/edit screenshots

  • Online Collaboration Tools: Medium  -- comfortable with using and configuring Google docs (including spreadsheets), online presentation tools (e.g. Prezi), communication / collaboration tools (Slack, Basecamp, etc.) Willing / able to learn new systems by reading documentation.

Target Comp:

Pay commensurate with experience and qualifications. Benefits package includes health insurance, eye/dental, disability, access to 401K program, and a way to balance your Work and Life. 

Application Process:

Please apply using the "Apply to Position" button on this page. Include a writing, presentation, and/or analysis sample along with your CV.


We would like to thank everyone who submits their resume for this opportunity. Due to the volume of resumes we receive, only those candidates selected for interviews will be contacted. 

Syzygy does not discriminate based on race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, veteran status or any other protected category. 

For more information about Syzygy, contact us. 


Keywords: CSR; Corporate Social Responsibility; Sustainable Development; Analyst; Environmental Management; Sustainability



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    Location: Santa Monica, CA USA

    Zip Code: 90405

    Posted on: 12/02/2019

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