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Residential Construction Remodeler

for IQ Construction & Remodeling LLC in Portland, OR USA

Company Overview

IQ Construction & Remodeling LLC is a small, Portland based company that symbolizes Integrity, Quality and long term relationships.  Beginning in 2008, we have developed our own unique way of approaching the residential remodeling market.  Each remodeler on our workforce is licensed as a General Contractor.  While we work together as a team, each invoices clients directly for their hours of labor.   Independent contractors in our network have worked hard to become proficient at many trades, meanwhile developing their own extensive professional tool setup. Co-Construct online software allows our team streamlined customer interaction through a single web based portal.

Our team is passionate about taking care of our clients who have developed from years of word-of mouth referrals.  IQ serves a growing client list committed to our exclusive maintenance membership program.  Limiting our professional services to members only allows us to build connection with clients. While attending to their smallest maintenance concerns, we are connecting with a client?s vision for their home. We work together with them developing plans for their larger remodel needs.   To manage the overwhelming demand for our services, we schedule only 6 months of larger remodel projects at a time as requested by our members.

We are dedicated to developing quality contractors for our team and for the Portland area.  Our team is constantly searching for the most serious applicants.  Please understand that the process to integrate your unique fit can take time.

Job Summary

IQ Construction & Remodeling LLC is hiring 1 position for someone in the Portland area who desires to become a licensed general contractor. This apprentice position starts as an employee paid $25/hr* @ 40 hours a week and has no options of benefits or raises. Employee will receive a fuel card to cover job related fuel cost.  Employment will terminate within a year.  Since this position is designed to facilitate you into a business owner, you will be mentored on the job by our team as you grow in your experience of remodeling. You will need to prioritize your free time to acquire your CCB  license. 

Immediately after you convert your employment to being licensed/bonded/insured, you can bill our clients at $35/hr.  It?s your choice at that point-- with your Contractors license you are free of your employment obligations to IQ and can choose to continue to develop with our team/client base, or to develop your own client base.  We are confident that experiencing the IQ approach to remodeling will benefit you no matter where your career takes you!  

*first 30 days of employment paid @ $20/hr

Responsibilities and Duties

You will be performing a wide range of manual labor duties that are required to remodel and repair homes with our team.  To meet the conditions of employment you must obtain the minimum setup requirement listed below. 

 Minimum Setup Requirements for employment by IQ Construction & Remodeling LLC

Hand tool bucket:  Each individual is responsible to bring an organized assortment of personally owned hand tools each day the job and therefore they are not listed in the ?Cargo trailer? setup.   You will need to reference our bucket organizers with the hand tools to get the idea of what you will need for yourself.  (Items that may not be in our buckets but you are still responsible to bring each day include the following: Pencil, Measuring tape, Utility knife and blade supply, Slip off form of daily work shoes/boots, Safety, glasses, Gloves, Hearing protection, Respirator or dust mask, Coveralls, Water proof boots/rain gear, Speed square, Chalk line, Chisel, Paint scraper, Sheet metal shears, stud finder)


Work vehicle: You will need to have your own vehicle available for work with a tow package rated for at least 5,000lbs and an electric brake controller

Cargo Trailer/Truck or Van with organized tool and supply setup:  enclosed cargo area at least 6?x10? with shelving for tools/supplies.  Trailer or hauling vehicle needs to have a roof rack for longer lumber and ladders.  Organization needs to accommodate space for acquiring of new materials and the hauling/disposal of construction debris.  Minimum contractor grade tools are listed as follows (consumable supplies will be provided by IQ):


  • Corded circular saw
  • Corded angle grinder
  • Metal cutting discs for grinder, diamond cup wheel and cutting blade
  • Corded Fein Tool
  • Corded random orbital sander
  • Corded shears for cutting cement board
  • Corded Hand planer
  • Air compressor
  • 2 @50? air hoses
  • Framing nailer
  • 15 or 16 gauge nailer
  • 18 gauge nailer
  • Corded work light
  • Table saw
  • Chop saw
  • Cordless circular saw
  • Cordless impact drill
  • Cordless standard drill
  • Cordless jig saw
  • Cordless Fein type saw
  • Cordless blower
  • Cordless saws all
  • Small socket set
  • Framing square
  • 6? level
  • 4?level
  • 2-3?level
  • Shop vacuum
  • Broom/dustpan
  • Garden hose/sprayer head
  • Large pry bar
  • 24? extension ladder
  • Sledge hammer
  • Hand held sledge hammer
  • Folding Saw horses
  • Masking machine
  • Organizer with various screw sizes
  • Painters plastic
  • Handheld water pump
  • Basic drill bit set
  • Comprehensive paddle bit hole drilling set
  • Hole saws sized from 1 9/16? through 4 ?
  • Drywall square, mud tray, and cleaning sponge
  • Mud knives from small to large
  • Hand drywall sander
  • Texture hopper
  • Notched trowels from ?x1/2? down to 3/32? for tile and flooring glue
  • Epoxy grout float
  • Sanding block
  • Head light
  • 4 Pathway drop cloths
  • Caulking gun
  • Handheld concrete rotor hammer/drill with chisel and point attachments (SDS max sized)
  • 2 step ladder
  • 6? ladder
  • 2@20 ton jacks
  • Fan
  • Shovel
  • Paint tray/roller
  • Mini roller/handheld paint bucket
  • Tapered brush assortment
  • Electrical wire nut assortment
  • Hammer tacker and staples
  • Empty buckets/containers
  • Heat gun
  • Magnet for picking up nails and screws
  • Furniture moving straps
  • String
  • 2 clamps
  • Wire brush
  • Concrete mag float and finishing trowel
  • Rigid duct crimper
  • towels
  • 2@50? and 2@25? 12guage extension cords
  • At least 3 way splitter or power strip

(The following are consumable supplies provided by IQ but need locations in trailer.)

  • Various sizes of masking/tape
  • Quality duct tape
  • Extra blades for saws
  • Acetone/primer/exterior and interior fillers
  • Paper Mud tape and all purpose compound
  • Disposable chip brushes
  • Cleaning products
  • Small roll of house wrap
  • Small assortment of painters caulk, silicone, exterior caulk etc.
  • 1 roll pathway paper
  • 1 roll carpet masking film
  • Assortment of sandpaper grits
  • Indoor and exterior shims
  • Grout sponges
  • Trash bags
  • Blue paper towels
  • Cloth rags

This list was the minimum list of items that we feel are necessary to work efficiently on a variety of remodel projects with our team.  Expect to grow your tool collection once you are licensed and as your skills improve. We estimate the cost of trailer and minimum tool setup to be about $18,000 We have a trailer based setup available for $800/month lease if you will need it.

Qualifications and Skills

We are looking for integrity, hard work, self motivation, and openness to learn quickly. Experience in any and all of the trades will definitely help but not be required.  We know that resume?s might not be your thing, but we want to know about your work history (detailed timeline), education, and related skills/experience.  Please post a resume when responding to this opportunity.

Benefits and Perks

  • You are building your own independant business.  
  • You can leverage our team's experience and mentorship to grow more quickly than on your own.
  • You will Improve trade skills while serving a dedicated client network.

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