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Senior Developer - Data Systems

for Panopto in Seattle, WA USA

At Panopto we have created a one-of-a-kind platform that makes video searchable, and enables anyone to share their expert knowledge with video.  As a Senior Developer, you will play a pivotal role in extending our products and services to reach new markets and new customers. You will own major portions of Panopto?s data layer, which is a critical resource in every facility of Panopto?s services.  You will be responsible for designing, implementing, and sustaining the core SQL-based data storage layer of the Panopto software platform. You will have a major role in the planning and execution of Panopto?s development roadmap especially with regard to scalability of our cloud-hosted systems and implementation of new core functionality.

Responsibilities, both individual and as part of the team include:

Team participation:

  • Work closely with your fellow Data Team developers and collaborate with developers from all other teams to implement complex cross-team optimizations and new features.
  • With other engineers, help design, spec, plan, and execute Panopto?s technology roadmap. Produce high-quality software components using software engineering best practices.  Deliver ship-quality code, scripts, and components on schedule.
  • Assist other engineers with ramp-up on Panopto technologies, help with design reviews and other quality control practices, and work towards expanding the capabilities of the engineering team as a whole.  Drive implementation of SQL-specific best practices across the dev team. Function as a mentor for others on the team.
  • Communicate clearly and concisely with the dev team and executive stakeholders. Make strong, thoughtful cases for major changes when required, handle pushback gracefully but don?t give up (unless specifically asked by your management team to ?disagree and commit?).
  • When appropriate, engage directly with the support team or customers to solve SQL issues in customer-deployed environments or to write one-off SQL queries to solve specific customer problems.
  • Participate positively in the development of Panopto?s vision, culture, and image.

Data layer conversion to SQL stored procedures:

  • Work closely with the rest of the data team to deeply understand the product scenarios and the C# code that sits within the data layer, but above the database.  Collaborate to solve problems that cross the SQL<->application code layers.
  • Take the lead role in converting our existing Linq-to-SQL C# code to SQL stored procedures.  Help prioritize the order in which we do this conversion to optimize for both system performance, team efficiency, and bang-for-the-buck.  Use great care in defining the C# code-level interfaces in front of your stored procedures to capture the required nuance of the existing code and encode that into the API.
  • Build new data layer interfaces to enable new functionality, reaching from the lowest levels of database schema design and optimization, all the way up to the web API layer.
  • Ensure the SQL code you write is unit tested, working with members of our QA and Dev-Infrastructure team to build the missing pieces in our tool chain that make auto-testing of SQL difficult today.

Database operations:

  • As a member of the Data Team, share ownership of the performance, scalability, monitoring and operations of our SQL Servers. Ensure our SQL Servers are configured and maintained according to best practices.  Work with the rest of the Data Team to improve our metrics & monitoring for SQL Server health. Ensure we stay ahead of the scale wave by identify looming problems with enough time to react.
  • Pitch in and wear the ?DBA Hat?, when required, to offload work from Adam and Chris and to help cover when they are unavailable.  Pull diagnostic information out of SQL to understand when and where problems exist. Build reports and dashboards to aid in diagnosis.  Consult with Chris and other data team members to publish metrics to our ops dashboards to help catch operational problems before they become customer-visible.

About You

You have a strong track record designing and shipping customer-facing software services. Your technical designs and code performs well, is maintainable over the long run, and has proven easy for other developers to use.

  • You excel at written and verbal communication.
  • You have a history of working closely with developers and engineering leaders to deliver complex multi-stage projects.
  • You naturally take ownership when you encounter a problem.
  • You thrive in an environment with ambiguity - asking the right questions to bring order out of chaos and spread that order to your peers.
  • You aren?t afraid to think big when establishing vision, but you know how to develop a plan in steps that delivers incremental value without boiling the ocean.
  • You are highly motivated to move quickly, but you insist on high standards and delivering great results. You are thoughtfully and positively critical of your own work and your team?s work, always looking for ways to improve.
  • You have a 4-year degree in computer science or a related field and 5+ years of industry experience.

About Us

At Panopto, we believe that video can have a transformative effect on learning. So we built a video platform that helps businesses and universities improve the way that they train, teach, and share knowledge.  Since our founding in 2007, we?ve been a pioneer in video capture software, video content management systems, and inside-video search technology. We?ve been recognized by Deloitte as one of the fastest growing technology companies in North America, and by Gartner as a Leader in video content management. Today, more than 5 million end users depend on our software, and we have over 100 employees spread across our offices in Seattle, Pittsburgh, London, Hong Kong, Beijing, and Sydney.

If you are interested in working with other down-to-earth, smart people who love to roll up their sleeves and get stuff done in the face of big, exciting challenges, then we want to talk.

We expect a lot and so should you:

  • Opportunity to learn and stretch your capabilities
  • Market-competitive total compensation
  • Employee stock options
  • Employer-paid health benefits
  • Paid time-off and holidays
  • An award-winning work environment

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    Location: Seattle, WA USA

    Zip Code: 98104

    Posted on: 12/02/2019

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