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Over 2.8 million candidate-resumes

Resume Database reaches 2.8 Million

AUSTIN, TX (July 1, 2004) --, Inc. (search resume database ), announced today that its' resume database of candidate resumes now exceeds 2.8 million. ZillionResumes finds resumes on personal home pages and on professional organization and company web sites. "This is a major milestone for us," said Frank Jackson, CEO of ActiveHire, Inc., the parent company of ZillionResumes. "Many of our competitors inflate their resume counts because they keep multiple copies of resumes from the same candidate. for example, allows candidates to post as many as 5 different resumes. At ZillionResumes, we use aggressive duplicate filtering to ensure that our database has one copy per candidate."
rnZillionResumes uses the industry's most advanced web spider software infrastructure (Web Scour) to gather resumes from locations inaccessible to many search engines and competitive services.

rnZillionResumes is a service of ActiveHire, Inc., based in Austin, TX. ActiveHire is a leading provider of unique and innovative Internet-based recruiting and resume sourcing services. Activehire uses natural language processing, advanced concept-based matching and Semantic Web technologies to create custom resume databases from distributed and disparate Internet sources. These technologies can substantially reduce workload required to search resumes. Current Activehire customers include job boards, recruiting web sites, enterprises, individual recruiters and large recruiting firms. For further information contact ActiveHire, Inc, at (512) 327-9332, Email Us, or visit our web site at